Learn about 6 basic types of exercise machines

By | October 12, 2020

When searching for exercise machines on Google, we can see hundreds of different models sold to serve customer’s needs. However, according to experts, the exercise machine is divided into 6 main types: a treadmill, exercise bike, abdominal exercise machine, massage vibrator, massage chair, and a fitness machine.

1.           Treadmill

The treadmill is one type of exercise machine that is used very popularly today as the effect it gives to the practitioner is significant. The treadmill is not only installed for gyms, but it is also used in many households, serving the needs of home fitness for family members.

The treadmill comes in two main categories: mechanical treadmill and electrical treadmill. The primary function of both types of treadmill is to support walking and jogging. The treadmill requires the practitioner to have strength, endurance, and determination in exercise.

2.           Exercise bike

Exercise bicycles are the most popular types of exercise machines in Vietnam today. An exercise bike supports cycling exercises at home that help improve health and endurance. Also, it can help the users lose weight, increase muscle, lose fat effectively, and recover health for the patient after the accident. The exercise bike has many models to serve the needs of each specific user. Depending on the training purpose, you will choose the most suitable bike for you.

3.           Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises are exercise machines whose primary function is to support exercising, focus on the abdomen, and help to lose belly fat effectively as quickly as possible. Exercising with a regular ab workout machine will help you lose belly fat and have a toned six-pack.

4.           Vibrator massage

Massage vibrator is an exercise machine that works to help massage away excess fat, restore the body, improve blood circulation in the body. Currently, massage vibrators come in a variety of designs, functions, and prices. It has 3 main categories: handheld massage vibrators, full-body vertical massage vibrators, and belt massage vibrators.

5.           Massage chair

A massage chair is an exercise machine with the effect of supporting exercise to relieve body aches, increase blood circulation, help users feel relaxed, healthy, and dispel stress or tired of life. Besides, the massage chair also has therapeutic effects, helps users feel happy, healthy, strengthens resistance, eats well, and sleeps better.

6.           Fitness machine

Fitness machines are diversely designed, with various exercise machines dedicated to each specific muscle group such as bucket back exercise machine, front thigh exercise machine, leg exercise machine, shoulder machine, chest exercise machine. The leading function of the fitness machine is to best support the goal of building muscle, helping the muscles to grow fast and toned.

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